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 Impact Hammer (Weapon)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: Impact Hammer (Weapon)   do 11 apr 2013, 2:36 am

Impact Hammer

Primary: Hammer [140 on players (fully loaded), NO Vehicle damage]
Secondary: NO Player damage, but 150 damage on Vehicles. If you kill enemy Vehicle, count on explosion damage!

Functionality: Used to kill close people (Primary), steal PowerUps from enemies and defend against weak Vehicles (Secondary).
When you steal a PowerUp, it will be dropped on the spot where you push the carrier away.
Knowing this, walking to an enemy and pushing him away with the Impact Hammer, you almost always walk into the dropped PowerUp immediately.
Extra: Players use this Weapon as a tool for higher jumps (causes 50 self-damage fully loaded)

It is also possible to use this combined with a Manta to fly high.
#1: Jump on a friendly Manta lying on flat terrain.
#2: Look down and load your Impact Hammer (Primary) just short and release it.
#3: Wait till you fall down a bit (otherwise you hit Map ceiling and can die) and then use a short Secondary load to fly up high.
#4: Keep repeating the secondary load when you are far down, unless the plane stops moving on the ground, then start back from #1.

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Impact Hammer (Weapon)
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