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 Redeemer (Pickup)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: Redeemer (Pickup)   do 11 apr 2013, 11:09 pm


Respawn Time: ± 1:50 min.
1:48 = 13:12, 11:24, 9:36, 7:48, 6:00 etc. < Exact times.
1:50 = 13:10, 11:20, 9:30, 7:40, 5:50 etc.

Damage: 1500, Vehicles/Nodes 2250.

Usage: When you picked up a Redeemer, you can shoot it straight at your crosshair (primary),
or rightclick (secundary): Player locks at position and you can guide the Redeemer to it's goal.
When it hits anything, you click when guiding it or your Player gets killed, it explodes.

* Set Weapon Priority to lowest, so you never get it in hands when you pick it up.
- This prevents enemies from stealing it when they kill you after you just got it.
* You can shoot flying enemy Redeemers or your own (not friendly) Redeemer to deny it, so it won't explode.
* When flying you can hear its sound on a short distance and it leaves a trail of smoke.
* It kills Nodes instantly; when they're being protected, just hit the Node platform or flying part and it's still destroyed.
* On Cores it does max 45 damage (1500 hp).
- I've tested a few times and it does either 44/45 damage  or 36/37 damage.
* The Redeemer can also be used to destroy a Barricade, which isn't very usefull.

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Redeemer (Pickup)
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