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 The GamePlay

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BerichtOnderwerp: The GamePlay   vr 12 apr 2013, 3:31 am

WARFARE - GamePlay

The Core & Orb:
In Warfare you have two teams (red/blue) that both have a Core (1) and by default an Orb Factory with an Orb (2).
The Orb can be used to capture connected Nodes (3) instantly (and shield it for short time, preventing enemy Orb from capturing it),
but it can also be used as a shield for the Node if a player with Orb is close to a Node (walk, HoverBoard, Turret).
If a Node is Orb-protected, it can't get any damage from any weapon, untill the Orbcarrier (4) is down.
As an Orbcarrier you can't use vehicles or Teleporter (5) without dropping the Orb. When you Feign Death, fall from HoverBoard or are killed, the Orb will be dropped as well.
When an Orb is dropped, it has 10 seconds to live before selfdestruct (no damage). When a player of the correct team approaches or gets close, the Orb countdown will slow down and hold at 1 second quite long.
This will warn you an enemy is close or coming in the right direction of the Orb. When you stand close to an enemy Orb, you can activate a selfdestruct (which takes your life) to return it to the latest enemy Orb Factory.
This gives you +2 bonus for becoming Titan. As long as you leave it on the ground, enemies can't get the Orb at their last Node with Orb Factory.
So best is to destroy it at last moment, unless you have a killing spree (and want to keep it) or the enemies are very good (and you regret to not have destroyed the Orb, because they did capture it with the dropped one after all)...
If all linked Nodes are connected to the enemy Core, the team can attack it and they win when the Core is destroyed.
Once damage is done, it's done. You can't heal a Core. You get 2 points for win and 1 for overtime win.
If time of match ran out and no team did win, then both Cores die slowly depending on the % captured on the Map.
If all Nodes are owned by 1 team, then their Core won't get damaged at all during overtime. With equal captured/uncaptured nodes both Cores get damaged at the same rate.
So during overtime even those "unimportant" nodes will matter to damage the enemy Core faster!
It's even possible that both teams' Core get destroyed at the same time, then both teams get 1 point.

Nodes & Teleporting:
The map has 1 or more Nodes that link the Cores to eachother, as you can see on minimaps In-Game.
Players can capture and attack Nodes that are connected directly to the Core or another completed Node. After touching the Node platform,
it will construct slowly. Players can use the Link Gun to construct it faster.
On almost every map you can travel to captured Nodes by using a Teleporter. You can't travel to Nodes under attack though.
Using a Teleporter it is even possible to teleport straight to the Leviathan.
Some maps contain autoteleporters. When walking in them, you'll be teleported automatically to a predefined place on the map.

In the wide Node-image below (3) you can see 6 different Node-states.
State 1: Locked Node-Platform: This Node isn't connected yet and therefore can't be captured.
State 2: Connected or Standalone Node: In this state a Node can be captured when touching it.
State 3: Touched Connected Node: Gets the team's color and constructs slowly.
State 4: Recently Fully Captured Node: Node with full Health and protected against instant Orb-capture for a few seconds. It can still get normal damage though.
During its protected state, the damage done to Nodes is less, but also healing it will take longer.
State 5: Unconnected Captured Node: This Node can't get Player damage untill it's linked to one of the fully captured Nodes of the enemy.
In some Maps such Nodes can still be drained by Special Nodes or combinations, like Avalanche.
So make sure you heal it, otherwise that Node can still be killed although it's not connected and vulnerable to enemy fire!
State 6: Node protected by OrbCarrier: This Node can't get any direct damage while the Orb is carried by a player close to the Node.
To kill the Node, the Orbcarrier must get out of range or be killed, so the Orb drops. However, a Redeemer is able to killl the Node,
even if it's protected. It'll kill the carrier by the explosion-splash and the explosion will continue to hit Node too. If a full Node also had its own "few seconds protection",
then a Redeemer won't be enough. Keep that in mind: Don't use it to kill a Node shortly after capture, just to destroy it!

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(4> (5>
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The GamePlay
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