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 List Direct Weapons

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: List Direct Weapons   za 13 apr 2013, 10:27 am

Here is a list with all weapons and whether it has direct functions or not.

Direct: Means you hit target immediately after shooting, no matter the distance.
Indirect: Shooting has bullets/projectiles which have to travel to the target.

This can be handy for some situations like:
> Hitting something on long distance, where "hitting is more important than damage" (to be faster than projectiles travelling at target, being blue & orange).
> When you're in a "situation with a shield", which blocks direct weapon functions but not the indirect ones (being green & orange).

The Weapons:
Direct Weapon, Indirect Weapon, Mixed Weapon, useless weapon/function.
If you don't know the functions, click on the weapon name to see more info.

Bio Rifle: (not available in WarFare, default)
- Both functions same: Indirect
- Both functions same: Direct.
Flak Cannon:
- Function 1: Indirect
- Function 2: Indirect
Impact Hammer:
- No shot weapon, but does direct damage.
Link Gun:
- Function 1: Indirect
- Function 2: Direct (short distance)
Longbow AVRiL:
- Function 1: Indirect
- Function 2: Useless
Rocket Launcher:
- Triple same functions: Indirect, but grenades short distance.
Shock Rifle:
- Function 1: Direct
- Function 2: Indirect
- Function 3: Useless (direct + indirect combo..)
Sniper Rifle:
- Function 1: Direct
- Function 2: Useless
Stinger Minigun:
- Function 1: Direct
- Function 2: Indirect!

Depending on the situation, you can quickly use (in)direct functions as you need!

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List Direct Weapons
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