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 Goliath (Axon)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: Goliath (Axon)   zo 14 apr 2013, 8:57 pm


Health: 900
Respawn time: 37 sec.
Speed: 28 MpH
Movement: The Goliath can drive over small obstacles and climb quite vertical grounds. When switching from seat 1 to 2,
the front will bump up, allowing it to pass over a small barricade blocking the Goliath when driving towards it.
When you turn the vehicle backwards, you are harder to hit when shooting around corners. The vehicle itself turns quite slowly.
Tankview (Cannon) can't be turned fast too, so if fast enemy Vehicles circle around the Goliath, you have a small chance... use AVRiL.

Seat 1 of 2;
Primary Mode: Cannon [360 damage per shot]
Secondary Mode: Zoom

Seat 2 of 2;
Primary Mode: Minigun [9 damage per bullet]
Secondary Mode: Zoom
Extra: Minigun: 1 driver: Best used to protect Vs Redeemer or try to knock down players on Hoverboard that are hard to hit directly by Cannon.
2 drivers: Minigun can be used to deny incoming Avrils/Redeemers, help attacking targets or warn driver of danger out of his Field of View.
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Goliath (Axon)
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