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 SPMA (Axon)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: SPMA (Axon)   zo 14 apr 2013, 11:26 pm

SPMA Hellfire

Health: 800
Respawn time: 37 sec.
Speed: 29.5 MpH
Movement: This slow Vehicle can drive quite vertical terrain, if it is flat.

Seat 1 of 1;
Primary Mode: Cores [25 damage per Core]
Secondary Mode: Beam [25 damage per hit]
Combination: Skymines (shoot Cores and hit 1 with beam) [130-200 damage]

Additional Mode {Artillery}: (Activate by Jump key [can't while moving], wheels need to be stable)
Primary Mode: Shot (shoot camera, shoot another time to float camera) [1600-1800 damage when full hit]
Secondary Mode: Drop Camera [50 damage if falling on anything enemy]
Extra: When in camera mode, you can look around and shoot any place in reach (See the line to the goal).
If any obstacle blocks the Artillery, no line will be shown. Enemies can shoot the camera out of the air, to prevent you from using the Artillery for a short time.
The AVRiL can be locked on the camera, any other Weapon can just hit it directly to disable it.
After each Artillery shot, there is a short cooldown time before you can use it again.

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SPMA (Axon)
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