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 Player Options

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BerichtOnderwerp: Player Options   wo 17 apr 2013, 10:18 pm

Player Options

Just like any other GameType, Warfare offers some player-bound options and a few new ones.
In this topic I will explain the options and also give some tips that could be usefull when playing online.

Players can by default walk in every direction. If you double press a direction key, you will dodge in that direction.

--> HoverBoard
In WarFare you have the Hoverboard, a small tool which lets you hover just above the ground.
It's faster than walking and when you use it combined with the Crouch-Key, you are a bit harder to see/hit.
Besides that, it allows you to jump higher, so you can get on places that are otherwise unreachable.
Changing to the Hoverboard state gets the player a bit higher. This can be used to reach places that you can't get to by using double jump.
If you almost make it to the edge, just change to Hoverboard on last moment and in some cases this allows you to get there, where you normally would fall.

Note that you are vulnerable on a hoverboard, if you get hit by any bullet or in range of explosions, you fall.
Players on Hoverboards also attract the Glob of the Scorpion, if they shoot a few meters next to you, so watch out.
The only way to protect from falling is using a shieldbelt which will absorb any damage, thus nothing 'hits' you.
You only fall if your HP receives damage. So If you wear a shieldbelt and an Armor Vest and the shieldbelt gets destroyed,
the Armor Vest blocks most damage but your HP does receive damage, causing you to fall!

You can use it as a trickboard as well, ([while crouching and] keep left or right pressed down) you can left or rightclick to do some stunt.
Make sure you stop the stunt on time, or you will fall when getting back on the ground again.

Feign Death:
When using this ability, your character will collapse as if it dies. This can be useful in some situations:
1) Main Goal: Simulate death. Players may think you're dead and leave you, so you can get up later and hit them back or continue where you wanted to go.
2) Hide: When you want to hide behind some objects, but even crouch won't work completely, Feign Death is the best option to hide (on flat terrains, you can fall from mountains)!
3) Save-A-Life: when you want to fall from extremely high ground or high in the air, feint death CAN be used to survive the fall that normally means 100% death.

If you fight 1 VS 1 and the enemy 'dies' without you get the message 'killed', then make sure he's actually death (maybe he killed himself or tries to trick you).
Important: When players Feign Death, compared to actual death they won't drop their active weapon. Besides that, when a Player dies and respawns, the body will disappear fast.
When Feigning Death, the body remains there, so you can always shoot bodies.

Fun Fact: When you Feign Death below a friendly (empty) vehicle, you often die when trying to get up.

Taunting is using an animation to make a fool of enemies. There are 6 default available, from which 2 are bound with keys.
If you want to use the other options; Press command menu (Default 'V'), then Option '2', then the number of the taunt you want to use (1-6).
You can't taunt-flood. There's a pause between each 2 taunts you do.
While it is often used when a team wins, we found another great and useful option for taunting:
When being a Titan, taunting can hide the smash animation! For more info, see Titan topic.

There are two ways to talk:
- General Talk: Anyone can see it;
- Team Talk: only players in your team can see the message;
I've switched the keybindings from both options, because 'T' for Teamtalk seems more appropriate, so 'Y' for Talk.
When in Spectating mode, you can Talk to anyone in the game, or use Teamtalk which only other spectators can see.
You can't use teamtalk to send a message to red or blue team only, when spectating a player from that team.

For Titans:
When you become a Titan, most of these Player options (abilities) disappear.
You can't:
- Dodge (double jump still works, but isn't that high);
- Use Hoverboard;
- Feint Death;
- Interact with any Game Objectives or GamePlay Options, which includes:
Pick up Orb, Destroy Orb, Activate a Node, Use a Teleporter (only autoteleporters work), Use Launchpads, use Vehicles, get Items/Pickups/Powerups.

Add Extra Options:
Is is possible to add commands to any key on the keyboard.
This way it is possible to drop your Orb and pick it up very fast, without having to use Feint Death.
You can also drop any weapon you currently have in your hands (except the default ammoless Impact Hammer) to share ammo or Pickups with a teammate.
A last useful command is 'suicide', which instantly kills you. When you get stuck, need to travel back across the map or as Titan are almost dead,
quickly use this command so you don't have to shoot yourself, which can take up time or gives away Titan points because you didn't want to kill yourself (on time).
For the Commands and How To's, see the KeyBindings Topic.

Weapon priority:
> Make sure the Redeemer is at bottom, so if you pick it up and you get killed immediately, even with your worst Weapon you won't give it away.
> Another good one is AVRiL. Often you have situations that people use fast weak vehicles to kill spawning players so you have to run for it.
But when you get it, you have to quickly switch to it... If you put AVRiL on top in weapon priority, it immediately switches to it, which can save your life in such situations.

> When using strong Vehicles, make sure to take an AVRiL with you to save you if fast weak Vehicles attack you.
It's better to have a second player with you, so you don't have to leave the Vehicle, risking that the enemy steals it.
> Leave the Key Binding Settings from the Weapons original from 1-9. If you change those, you can't change seats properly in Vehicles, mainly the Leviathan (1-5).

Communication + TeamWork:
> Try to update the team with different situations you may encounter. Based on the information they get, they can take action more wisely.
Important things to note online:
- Status of the Redeemer; To know if people need to defend something or the Orb can go to the next Node if Redeemer goes first (Teamwork!).
- Location of Titans; So people can go to it and shoot it with all they have, the sooner it's gone.
- If there is a Goliath or other good Vehicle camping, that makes it hard to get somewhere. If people just go there they die unnecessarily.
If the team knows, they can prepare to distract/kill the Vehicle first and keep defending current Node, instead of trying to capture the next (impossible) one and give current Node away...
- If you have a good Vehicle and need defence, link support or something, let your team know.
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Player Options
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