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 NightShade (Necris)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: NightShade (Necris)   do 11 apr 2013, 12:25 am


Health: 600
Respawn time: 45 Seconds
Speed: 38 MpH (uncloaked) and 17 MpH (cloaked)
Movement: If the NightShade drops of high ground, it floats down slowly instead of falling and won't take fall damage.
Extra: When using the beam, the Vehicle is surrounded with a glowing color. This is also the case when it gets hit.
It's also visible while placing a Mine, or when it's damaged so you can see floating smoke or fire.
The AVRiL is able to lock on it while the NightShade is invisible to alert you of its presence.

Seat 1 of 1;
Primary Mode: Energy Beam. Can also heal friendly Nodes and Vehicles!
Primary Damage: 100 damage per second
Secondary Mode: (Un)Cloak Vehicle, uncloaked the Vehicle is visible and a lot faster.
Additional Mode (Jump): Drop Deployable Mine. [Scroll mouse to chose mine, jump to activate, move camera to change drop angle, press (alt-)fire button to drop, jump to cancel.]
SpiderMine Trap (2 mines, each contains 15 spiders or lives 150 seconds [2:30 min]), Stasis Field (Green Slow Field), EMP (locks Vehicles in close range), Shield Generator (4000 Damage resistant)

Below you see the NightShade in Uncloaked Mode, Cloaked, and Glow.

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NightShade (Necris)
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