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 Islander (Map)

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BerichtOnderwerp: Islander (Map)   za 13 jul 2013, 2:23 am



Nodes (1+1):
Node Link Count (Required): 1 Prime Node.
Standalone Special Nodes (Optional): 1 in the middle above (Air Node): Gives the controlling team 2 Raptors.
Orb Locations: Cores only.

Vehicle Availability:

Red starts with 1 Hellbender, 1 Paladin and 2 Goliaths.
Blue has 2 Laser Turrets {Free} and 2 Rocket Turrets {Free}.

Prime Node:
Air Node:
2 Raptors.


1x Armor Vest [On the Tower next to Prime Node]
2x Health Pack [2 right from Prime Node on ground]

1x Shaped Charge Det Pack [In middle of Map, on the round platform]
1x Redeemer [On the round platform in water at left bottom of Map, only Raptor can get there]

Attacking Core (Default)

-> from Prime Node (direct view).
-> from Prime Roof (Drop Shape on Core using roof).
-> from Tower or mountain, both at a side of Prime Node.
-> from center of Map, on lower platform.
-> from blue base, at Rocket Turret end out of base, only Direct Hits! (Shock laser, sniper, enforcer)
-> from within base at upper floor.
-> from within base (direct view).
-> Using the Redeemer.

Own Ways:

-> Get at/behind Blue Core (Shape on Core is possible!).
There is a way to reach the Blue Core, even get behind it. It gives you a safer spot to attack the Core.

Player + Vehicle Spots!

V: Paladin Core Defence
Like any vehicle, you can use the Paladin to defend the Prime Node. If the enemy does succeed in capture the Node anyway, you're able to block incoming fire.

V: Goliath Air + Prime Node Defence
This is a great position as you're hard to hit when taking cover. You can view almost all Orb routes too and attack the Prime Node directly shooting in the building.
View on Turrets to destroy them, can shoot in blue base at AVRiL/Orb location and you can see enemy players going low for the Air Node.
Drive a bit away and shoot them when they use the LaunchPad to get up. If people protect/heal you well enough, you should be almost unbeatable.

V: Goliath: Several 'useless but fun' spots

In Islander the Goliath can almost get anywhere! The following images prove that. There were no cheats used whatsoever, this was real gameplay.

From Red base, drive a Goliath to the open space at the water. You have mountains at both sides, leading to each team's Core-side.
Climbing on it to go to red roof is quite hard, but can be done. Tank can drive over the whole length from water to end of roof above Core (See image 1 below).
Using other side is impossible with a Goliath alone. Use another Vehicle to push it that last bit to climb. Now you can drive from there to end of mountain (See image 2 below).

On Images 3 & 4 you see the Goliath driving on the Turret platform and even on the platform above that 1! Yes, it's possible!
Just not the way you would think. Trying to climb the rounded sides in Blue base is a waste of time.
Drive the path up in direction of Air Node. When almost up, you pass a small mountain-rock.
The Goliath can't climb the mountain to the right, which you'll need to cross to get on platforms on other side.
Can't? Right, when alone. Using 2 Goliaths you can! But it requires some teamwork. You'll need the small mountain.
Park one in length between the rock and big mountain, creating a bridge. With #2, climb the rock and drive over that bridge to the big mountain.
Now you're high enough to climb it after all! Get to the other side and end up like the images 3 and 4 show you.
You'll be dead soon by enemy fire though, it's hard getting there at all and it's no safe spot once positioned there. Paladin could get far too.

1) 2)


Islander Tricks:
Although each player can use this, I focus it on best use per team color.
[Best defence tricks - Blue Core vs Raptor/Deem.]

Get On Left or Right Roof:
If you get on any of the roofs of the Red Base, you can attack most Vehicles from above and shoot to Prime Node. Below you see left and right roof.

Reach Prime Node [Picture]

Prime Roof Usage:
By jumping on the roof of Prime Node, you can attack it from above, drop Shape on Node/Core/Vehicle and attack the Vehicles.

Crossing Barricades:
In Islander you don't really need to destroy the Barricades when you want to get to enemy Core with a Goliath.

Get on Side Mountain:
You can use this mountain to get past the area below it. You can hide better and get close to Enemy base without being seen.

Infiltrate Blue Base:
There is a short way into the base, when on foot. To get there, use the side mountains or a succesful Hammer Jump (though it's hard and will give you max 50 damage per try).
Just note, when using the single jump to get on the last platform, get on HoverBoard to make the surface of landing bigger.

Get on the MountainBridge using LaunchPad.
This is used quite a lot by good players. From blue base, go to the center, walk on the LaunchPad and move towards the mountain-bridge in air (search for lowest spot).
When you reach the very top, get on HoverBoard and hover yourself up that bridge. Perfect for attacking camping Goliaths and it's possible to attack Prime Node as well.

[Picture (make)]


> Path to get to Blue Core.

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Islander (Map)
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