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 Laser Turret

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: Laser Turret   ma 15 jul 2013, 8:36 pm

Laser Turret {locked/free}:

Health: 400.
Ability: Fast Continues Lasers + Super Zoom.
Damage: 34 per laser on Players, 23 on Vehicles.
Recharge: No.
Extra: The Turret is an OPEN Vehicle, which means players can snipe you a headshot without damaging the Turret.
As a player you can crouch before a Laser Turret, it can't hit you that low.

The Turret is locked down on the place. You can look around, but can't move the Turret somewhere else.
The Turret is attached to a rail on which it can move.
Depending on the direction you look at: Forward is moving forward;
Left or right can move you forward too if you look sideways. Same applies for going backward.
When starting to move, the Turret needs a small second to go to full speed, which is quite fast.

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Laser Turret
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