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 Downtown (Map)

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BerichtOnderwerp: Downtown (Map)   di 16 jul 2013, 1:39 am



Nodes (3+1):

Node Link Count (Required):
2 Prime Nodes, 1 Center Node.
Standalone Special Nodes (Optional):
1 between Cores (Tank Node): Gives a Goliath to the team that captures it.
Orb Locations: Core, Prime Nodes and Center Node.

Vehicle Availability:

Red + Blue start with 1 Scorpion, 1 Manta, 1 Hellbender and 1 Paladin. Also a Rocket Turret {Free} in base.

Prime Nodes: Both prime nodes give 2 Scorpions and 1 Prime Laser Turret {Free}.
Center Node: 1 Hellbender, 2 Scorpions, Center Laser Turret {Free}.
Tank Node: Goliath, 2 Manta's.

1x Berserk [Just above the Center Node];

16x Health Pack [2 at each Core, 2 at each Prime, 2 at Center Node, 2 at Tank Node, 2 just above center of Map in building, 1 at each upper corner of Map]
35x Health Vial [4 between each Base and Prime, 4 on stairs in each Prime Building, 4 just above each Prime, 4 in each upper corner of Map, 3 centered between Prime Nodes]
1x Big Keg O' Health [just below Tank Node]
3x Armor Vest [1 just above each Prime Node, 1 in middle of Map, on building]

4x Jump Boots (1 above each Core on building, 2 centered between Prime Nodes)
1x Shaped Charge Det Pack (just below middle of Map, above Tank Node)
1x Redeemer (on ground in middle of Map)

Attacking Core (Default)

-> from within base at upper floor.
-> from within base (direct view).
-> Using the Redeemer.

Extra Method: -> Attack Core from behind (Jump over a Core corner with Jump Boots),
or even without them you can use Feign Death at both low corners of the Core to get behind (prefer the one most far out of Map).
If there's an enemy attacking your Core from behind: Use a Scorpion selfdestruct on Core; Shoot above/next to Core with Goliath or Paladin; Shoot Grenades over the Core.
You can even become Titan behind the Core and smashkill players within normal range. A Scorpion selfdestruct or Redeemer should be able to kill it. (Test!)


Player + Vehicle Spots!

P: Center Node Roof next to Statue (need Jump Boots)
It's possible at both sides, but the side on the picture is better for Titans (otherwise you can't get off!)

P: Downtown Heaven (need teamwork -> Goliath and Manta) or Manta only + Impact Hammer, if succesful. This is harder but PRO way and you can do it alone.
NOTE: while on the statue, you CAN'T USE Shock Cores (even Titan) and Redeemer! HoverBoard and Feign Death ALLOWED.

V: Paladin in Core entrance [Defensive, use shield to block attacks on core, blocks way for players.]

V: Goliath at Prime Plateau [Defensive, watch Redeemers or Shaped Charge Det Packs incoming!]


Downtown Tricks:
* Keep attention on Redeemer, it's huge team advantage;
* Try to use Jump Boots as much as possible when capturing nodes, it's easier to dodge attacks and shortens way to some Nodes;
* When Core is vulnerable, make use of the defence possibilities, don't try to kill Prime Node with Paladin... Defend Core!

'Wall of Death'
Wall at Tank exit does 10000 damage. If you go beside it with Vehicle and hit it, it explodes.
Also when you run into it with Hoverboard or Feign Death to the wall, you'll die.

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Downtown (Map)
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