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 Avalanche (Map)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: Avalanche (Map)   di 16 jul 2013, 1:41 am



Nodes (3+2):

Node Link Count (Required):
2 Prime Nodes, 1 Center Node.
Standalone Special Nodes (Optional):
1 at the left (West Node): Gives a Goliath to the team that captures it.
1 at the right (East Node): Gives a DarkWalker to the team that captures it.
>>> Having both optional Nodes under control can slowly drain the enemy prime Node!
Orb Locations: Core and Center Node only, not Prime Nodes.

Vehicle Availability:

Red starts with 2 Hellbenders, 2 Manta's and 1 Laser Turret {Locked}.
Blue has 1 NightShade, 1 Nemesis, 4 Vipers and 1 Laser Turret {Locked}.

Prime Nodes:
Red: 2 Scorpions.
Blue: 2 Vipers.
Center Node: 2 Scavengers and 2 Laser Turrets {Locked}.
West Node: Goliath.
East Node: DarkWalker.


14x Health Pack [4 at each Core, 2 at each Prime, 2 at Center Node]
4x Thigh Pads [1 at each Core in both towers]

2x Shaped Charge Det Pack [each at Core in tower most far away from Barricade] (They only spawn when enemy captures your Prime Node!)

Attacking Core (Default)

-> From within base directly, or long distant direct view.
-> From within base using towers directly.
-> Using the distant Sniper towers (Only red Turret Tower can't hit red Core!)

Own Ways:

> From the small mountain between Core and Prime Node (needs Manta, Viper or Scavenger) Relatively safe! {View on Prime}

> From the mountain close to Red Turret Tower (needs Viper on Center side, Scavenger or Manta on Core side) Relatively safe! {NO view on Prime}

> Using a roof of Core base (needs Viper, Scavenger or Manta) Not very safe! {NO view on Prime}

> From the Avalanche! (needs Scavenger only) Extremely safe! {View on Prime (far away)}

> From blue Prime, using side rocks to Sniper tower, direct Core view. (Needs Scavenger, Viper or Manta) Relatively safe! {View on Prime}

> From 'Olympus', nice snipe spot and direct view on Core (Needs Scavenger, manta hammer method works, but hard!) Extremely safe! {View on Prime}

> Using a roof of Core base (needs Viper, Scavenger or Manta) Not very safe! {NO view on Prime}
[Picture same as RED]

> From behind Core (Needs Scavenger or Viper) Not very safe! {NO view on Prime}


Player + Vehicle Spots!

P: Up on the high mountainside at Blue Prime Node (needs Scavenger or Viper). Nice place to snipe and attack Prime Node. [Sadly no Core visibility]

V: Goliath behind small mountain between Red Core and Prime Node [Attack, can shoot Prime Node from above and indirect attack Core! (3-4 damage/shot)]
V: DarkWalker from Center to North Core, can hit top of Core from long distance.
>>>>> Any more player or vehicle spots? Comment them in a private match and we'll try!

Avalanche Tricks:
* A huge advantage in Avalanche is having the Goliath in possession;
* It's a big map, so try to taxi Orb often;
* When you get enemy Prime Node, the Shaped Charge Det Pack will spawn at enemy base. You can try to blow their own Core.
> Shaped Charge Det Pack on barricade will destroy it and cause an avalanche, but a few steps backwards from prime is already safe!

> Avalanche at Red Core!

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Avalanche (Map)
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