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 Onyx Coast (Map)

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BerichtOnderwerp: Onyx Coast (Map)   di 16 jul 2013, 1:45 am

WAR-Onyx Coast


Nodes (2+1):

Node Link Count (Required): 2 Prime Nodes.
Standalone Special Nodes (Optional): 1 at the left (Bridge Node): Activates the bridge if red team captures it.
Orb Locations: Core and each Prime Node.

Vehicle Availability:

Red starts with 1 Leviathan and 2 Manta's.
Blue has 2 DarkWalkers, 2 Vipers and 1 Fury.

Prime Nodes:
Bridge Node:
Rocket Turret {Locked}

1x Berserk [At the right between the Prime Nodes];
2x Damage Amplifier [Both at the circle right next to each Prime Node].

6x Health Pack (2 at each Prime lower level close to Orb, 2 left from Bridge Node at same level.)
2x Armor Vest (1 at each Prime lower level close to Orb)
1x Shield Belt (Right from the Bridge Node).

Attacking Core (Default)

-> from within base at upper floor.
-> from long distance view on core.
-> using vehicles in air.
-> from within base at lower level.
-> from long distance view on core.

Own Ways:

> From 'Onyx Heaven' (needs Viper, DarkWalker, Manta or Feint Death) Extremely safe!  (Longshot, only slow projectiles can kill you!) {View on both Primes!}
Extra: You can also attack Leviathan from above or kill Manta's. To get in Onyx Heaven, see: 'Player + Vehicle Spots!' Section below.

> From side Mountain. (needs Manta, Viper or Fury) Very safe! {View on Prime}

> From 'Levi Port' (Viper only?) Not very safe! (Floating, even on foot! Feint Death means DEAD!) {View on (both?) Prime}

> From within base at the 'Attic' [#1] (needs Manta or Viper) [#2] - Or the way down via Onyx Heaven [#3] Not very safe, unless you go to #4 {NO view on Prime}

{#4 Picture in Progress...}

> From 'Water Bridge' (needs Manta, Viper, Fury or DarkWalker) Way of without vehicle? Relatively safe! {NO view on Prime}

> From 'Spike' close to Core (needs HoverBoard ) Relatively safe! (Small view) {NO view on Prime, unless Titan! ]

Player + Vehicle Spots!

P: Onyx Heaven is a big player spot, which even goes all around the map! :O
To get there, use vehicles and get out next to a shield. When you're dropped in the shield, you teleport up. Feint death is the easiest one: Fall into the shield and get back up IN it.
+ Advantage: Not leaving a vehicle behind. - Disadvantage: You can die (10.000 damage)...
The shield where you walk on will protect you from direct weapon hits, unless you're standing on the edge of the shield. So people can only hit you with bullets that need to travel long to Onyx Heaven! This also applies vice versa.

Will be focussed on Leviathan in this map I guess.., maybe DarkWalkers.

Onyx Coast Tricks:
* If on blue team: Protect the Prime Node VS Leviathan, so your team can continue to attack the red one:
Make sure as OrbCarrier to protect your Prime Node. Each time the Leviathan shoots, first look where the line goes. You have a short time before the actual explosion, in this time you can hide behind the circle wall around the Node. See image below for example:
IMAGE Prime ATK hide locations
When the Node is destroyed, immediately capture it and get Orb again.
Don't use the Launchpad, as the shot of Leviathan will kill you. Use the elevator to the side and look if it's safe before you cross! This way your team must be able to keep attacking the enemy Prime Node.
Of course this is only the case when you aren't under attack by enemy Players or other Vehicles.

'The Elevator to Onyx Heaven', which exists on several places in the map. We use the easiest one!

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Onyx Coast (Map)
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