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 Scavenger (Necris)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: Scavenger (Necris)   do 11 apr 2013, 12:32 am


Health: 200
Respawn time: 30 Seconds
Speed: 30 MpH and 64 MpH (alt-fire)
Movement: Scavenger can jump fairly high, allowing it to climb walls/mountains easily. During jump pressing alt-fire bumps it to the target.
Bump Damage: 2x(150-200) damage
Extra: This vehicle just needs 1 AVRiL rocket to be killed!
If you rightclick to roll and immediately rightclick again, you just stand back.
Now try to roll again by pressing rightclick... and you retract the legs but the ball just lies there (unless you aren't on flat ground, then you start to roll).
This can be handy to hide as the floating light, which can betray you, will disappear as well!

Seat 1 of 1;
Primary Mode: Sends out a light saber training remote which then orbits the target and zaps it with a laser. Also can heal Nodes.
Primary Damage: 30 damage per hit
Secondary Mode: Causes the tripod to curl up in a ball. Using the primary fire while in this mode causes the Scavenger to extend it's legs and use them as rotating blades to cut down. Easily can kill Titan, also infantry.
Blades Damage: 2x(150-200)

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Scavenger (Necris)
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