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 « NYX·WarZonE·2016 » (by [-FEARIV-])

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: « NYX·WarZonE·2016 » (by [-FEARIV-])   di 16 jul 2013, 10:02 am

« NYX·WarZonE·2016 »

Technical Details:
External IP:;
Internal IP:;
Options: Maps votable, KickVoting Enabled;
Settings: Score Limit: 5, Time Limit: 15, Bots: 8;
GameType: WarFare.
Maps: Most default Maps (No Hostile/Necris Versions) + some custom ones (see Downloads\WarFareMaps to check them out/download them).

Default active Mutators:
ServerAds (Show info as customized text on screen each x time)
SpectatorUI (adds spectator button + more: spawntimes of powerups & pickups, player-scrolllist, events to jump to, change fly-speed/FOV, save camera-locations per map & more!)
UT3 Fixes / Titan (Includes Titan & Orb fix and many more bugfixes/features. Follow link for more info)
Relic Madness (Drops Relics into the game that give players special powers. See link for more detailed info)
Epic FTW (This is serverside only, no need to download. If configured correctly, this should help prevent the game from crashing when picking up own dropped Relics)

Optional Mutators:
Relic Madness is the only mutator that can be (de)activated.
The following Mutators can only be activated by admin, for Game-/Maptesting purposes (no normal gameplay).
BattleMod (All Weapons available at spawn + Ammo and Health Regeneration (HP to 100 to keep damage real))
Hero (Deactivate Titan first! This changes 1 thing: You can become Titan anytime! After a new match starts, it may fail the first time. Just kill yourself and continue! Bots will always become Titan with this Mutator on...)
Infinite Ammo (Same as Battlemod, but some Weapons bug and won't work (Shock Rifle [combo] and Link Gun [Secondary]) but you will get infinite Redeemer for practice! Note: picking up a mine results in infinite minedropping.)
Show Damage SM (with hits that do damage, also 0, show it in screen and as message.)
Weapon Replacement (This will change what Weapons will spawn at their default locations. I've changed them all to Redeemer, to get it faster for practice without losing other Weapons.)

Few Simple Rules:
> No cheating allowed! Use of Glitches is okay (as all users could do so).
> No Spam. Players can press F10 to see long texts they've missed.
> No Game-Sabotage. If caught, this could result in a permanent ban.
> Try to play in fair teams. There's no balancer so players have the freedom to chance as they wish.
But if no one does that, I'm forced to install a balancer after all!

Players can kickvote other players when they sabotage the game, misbehave or cheat.
Kickvoting is set to 50% with a minimal of 3 kickvotes. This means e.g. 3/4, 3/6 or 6/12 players need to kickvote for success.
I've also written an external script (no game mutator) which monitors the chat automatically.
This could automatically kick players that use specific words.
It checks each x seconds (not LIVE). If it detects a "forbidden" word, the player that used it will be automatically kicked.
If you play/chat normally this shouldn't be a problem.
The chats are saved and stored, so you can always talk to admin indirectly (read later).

Join a Server:
* In the game, chose MultiPlayer -> Join Game, select a specific GameType (e.g. WarFare) + search. In the MasterServerList doubleclick a server, or select it and press either the "join"/"spectate" button.
* To join a server using the Console, in Game Menu or a Match: Press F10, type: open[space]ip-address(optional :port), e.g.: open
press enter and then F10 again to hide the console menu. Port is 7777 by default, so you can skip that.
If the server runs, you will join it. If you don't have some Mutators that are activated, you'll download them automatically.
You can also Download the files seperately.

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« NYX·WarZonE·2016 » (by [-FEARIV-])
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