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 Use 2 Accounts

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BerichtOnderwerp: Use 2 Accounts   wo 17 jul 2013, 11:14 am

Why use 2 Accounts?

Well, using 2 accounts has nice advantages!

Many of you already know, I use 2 accounts ( [-FEARIV-] & [-FERIVA-] ).
But why? Here I'll try to answer that.
=> Just note that this only works on a seperate system. I use a Pc and Laptop on the same desk in my room. Smile

Advantage 1:
Spectate the Game while you play!
1) When I play the game, I often lose from a specific enemy with some great tactics.
If I login with my second account, I can spectate that player while I play.
This way I always know when he is where and I can sabotage his gameplay tactics!
2) Instead of following a Player, you can also chose to Monitor a specific spot.
Situations I often use:
Looking at Redeemer spot to know when it's there and if we or enemy gets it;
Looking at a building to know when anything enters it before it's even there (prevent surprises);
Looking at a turret (fun), to know when it's safe to give it a headshot. He tries to look for you,
but as you can see it with 2nd account, you don't have to check with your player if it's safe!

Advantage 2:
Change Team when Teams have equal Players!
It often happens you want to change team, but you can't as they both have equal players.
If you login with your second account in this situation, you create an extra player, so you can switch.
Logout with your 2nd account after the switch, and you're done!

Advantage 3:
Test on a server with more Players!
I have my own server, but often I'm alone. But since I have 2 accounts, I can join with a second account.
Although I can just use 1 at a time, I can do many tests myself and I have a Player on Screenshots when the other one Spectates.

And sometimes it's fun to have a roleplay, as many people are confused when both my accounts are In-Game. They really think I'm 2 different persons.
In very bad situations I've used a 2nd account to sabotage the winning team, to force some lame people to leave the game! Very Happy

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Use 2 Accounts
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