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BerichtOnderwerp: KeyBinding   wo 17 jul 2013, 12:07 pm


"The option to change and add actions to your list of GameControls"

KeyBinding is setting a Letter or a Key which represents an action or command the user specified.
When you add more commands, you can save a lot of time and do some things that normally are harder to do.
All this can be done in the UTInput.ini file, located at 'UserName\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config'.
The part we need is on top of the file ( [Engine.PlayerInput] ) and on the bottom part of this section you can add and change the commands.
If you're not sure how to add or change it or just to prevent you from ruining it, make a copy of the file so you can replace it in case of emergency!
Here you can change the default commands and add new ones. Let's see how it looks in the below example.

Example Default Commands:


These default Commands can be found in the Game Menu -> Settings -> Input -> Keys as well.
You can change the Keys in the UTInput.ini but you can set other Keys for them using the Game Menu too.

Explore the Line:


In the above line you have 2 options to change.
#1: 'Name=' which represents the Key. This can be a letter or a word of the key it represents, see the example of default keys above;
#2: 'Command=' which represents the Action you would like to do;
As all default actions are in the game already, you can use this to add extra commands or use default ones with a value for extra fast handling.

Usage in UT3:
Let's see how we can use this in our game!

We have a few imortant commands we can use in UT3.
I'll place them here and give examples of them to use in game. You may choose your own Key for it if you like to.
1) Instantly kill yourself;
2) Drop the Orb/Flag;
3) Drop Weapon;

1) Suicide:
Often you need or want to kill yourself.
e.g. if you get stuck and can't hit yourself, if you fall to death but it takes long or if you don't want the enemy to kill you.
In this case you have the command suicide! See the example below to add it in your UTInput.ini:
>>> Bindings=(Name="K",Command="suicide")
Now everytime I press K while in a Game, I will be dead instantly, unless I died short before (it has some distance between suicides).
This can be done walking, while you fall or use feign death, on hoverboard or even in a vehicle!

2) DropFlag:
In WarFare you can drop the Orb when you use this Command.
This can be handy in case you want to protect the Node (without Feigning Death) instead of capturing it instantly, or to quickly pass the Orb to another teammember.
To use this in the game, add another line that looks like this:
>>> Bindings=(Name="O",Command="dropflag")
Now I can drop the Orb or Flag anytime I press the O Key.

3) ThrowWeapon:
If some players are low on ammo or need a specific pickup you gathered, you can pass it to another player.
Using the following line you can drop every weapon in your hand, except the Impact Hammer (and some pickups may bug):
>>> Bindings=(Name="X",Command="throwweapon")
With this I'm able to drop a Weapon and let others or myself pick it up again.
Just be careful: If you pick up a few Weapons at once or close after eachother the Game often crashes. So don't use it too much and on own risk.

later part follows...

Note: This is just a copy of our earlier created unfinished KeyBinding Topic, I'll rewrite it later.

You may know that, There are more commands available in UT3 that originally there is no key defined for them. For example, you can drop orb or flag during carrying, but no key is predefined for that. Here is a short info about how to bind the commands to the keys.

All the things relating to the key bindings can be find in a file named "UTinput.ini", it's located in "\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\". Before touching anything, copy the file somewhere safe to have the original in case you screwed it up.

1- Open the  "UTinput.ini"
Open the file in the text-editor and get sure that the game is not running. Find a section that starts with "[UTGame.UTPlayerInput]". You see a lot of "Bindings=(Name=...", don't change anything yet.

2- Unbind the key
Assume, you want to add a new command "X" to a key. If the key that you want to assign is already in-use, you have to run the game, log in and unbind the key in settings/input inside the game. Usually these keys are bind -> "0,1,..9" "A,S,D,W,Q,E,R,F,G,C,V,B,N,M,J,K,L,Y,T,`" "Esc, F1,F2,F6,F9" ... and some others. Available keys are -> "H,I,F4,F5,+,x,z" and some others

3- Bind the key
Once you have successfully unbind a key or you chose to pick one of the available keys, you can start adding commands by putting following line below "[UTGame.UTPlayerInput]" section. After adding the line, save the file and run the game to test it.

* the Control, Shift, Alt are for the cases that you want to have combination of keys for a command, like "Shift + H", in this case, you set "Shift=True".

4. Examples
4.1 Teamsay
It happens a lot that you are in a vehicle that needs healing and you don't have that much time to type and tell others to heal you, you can add a key for saying "Please Link" or "Heal me" or even other things like "Redeemer incoming" , "Enemy has the redeemer", "Tank in the prime" ...
the binding line for such things is look like this:

Bindings=(Name="F4",Command="teamsay Heal me ",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
Bindings=(Name="F5",Command="teamsay Redeemer incoming ",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)  

4.2 Drop orb/flag
In WARFARE, sometimes happens that you need drop the orb to get a node and picking up the orb again to guarding it instead of capturing it by orb and going bad and bringing the orb again. Also in CTF (Capture The Flag) games, also you need to hand the flag to teammate when you are on low HP or out of ammo. This is the binding for dropping Orb/Flag. This works both for orb and flag.


4.3 Weapon Throwing
In each game variation, either Warfare or Team Deathmatch sometimes you want to help out your teammate by proving them with ammo or game pickups like "Shape Charge" or "Link Generator" ..., in this cases, you can throw your weapon or pickup by adding the following command.


4.4 More commands
The are much more that you can do in key binding, you almost can bind a key for every command of the game like changing FOV or mouse sensitivity or adding combination of commands to a single key.
for example, you want to say teammate that you throw the weapon after throwing it, then you can add extra command to the same line like this:

Bindings=(Name="I",Command="ThrowWeapon | Teamsay Weapon dropped",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)    

* This topic will be updated later.


Response by FEARIV

Throwweapon won't work with Impact Hammer (duh) and if you use this command, beware:
Game crashes if you pick up 3 (own?) dropped weapons at a time.
Maybe if you drop too many to soon or pick up within a short time, game can freeze.
So use it carefully.

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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