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 Using the Map + ScoreBoard

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BerichtOnderwerp: Using the Map + ScoreBoard   wo 24 jul 2013, 2:36 am

While playing an online game, you can press F1 to quickly show a ScoreBoard and you can press F2 to show the Map of the current Game.
In this topic I take WAR-Downtown as an example.

-> When using the ScoreBoard (F1), you can quickly see which Player of any Team carries the Orb. It's also possible to see who is/became a Titan.
When looking to scores, you can see LIVE when people get points. This allows you to see who is attacking Core for example, as they get points fast.

-> When using the Map (F2), you can see the following:
1. Your own location and direction of view.
2. Teammates close to a Node.
3. Friendly Vehicles in use.
4. Teammate carrying the Orb.
5. Available Vehicles on the Map, so you may want to Teleport to a Node with a specific Vehicle.
6. Overview of Nodes and Nodes under attack. You can't travel to them while under attack.
7. Enemy Players close to one of your Nodes.
8. Enemy Vehicles close to one of your Nodes.
9. Enemy Orb close to one of your Nodes.
-> If you see that Goliath isn't available in your team anywhere on the Map, then you know the enemy gets it if they capture the Tank Node.

Some things you can also see on the MiniMap, like 1, 4, 6, 9.

Just note that F1 can be used fast, keep it pressed down as long as you need to look at it. As it is transparent, you can still follow the Game in View.
On the other hand, F2 is in the Game Menu, which blocks the Game View and is a bit slower as you need to press Escape or the back button.
So it's best if you use it on a safe location, as this can give you some advantage as well.

When using the Map with a Teleporter, you can click on any Node to select it or click on friendly Leviathan (if available). If you double click, you can Teleport to it, or press the Teleport Button below.
Sometimes Nodes or objects are close to eachother and selecting them can be hard. It's possible to use the Arrow Keys of your Keyboard to switch between the options as well. Very Happy

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Using the Map + ScoreBoard
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