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 Serenity (Map)

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BerichtOnderwerp: Serenity (Map)   do 10 maa 2016, 5:15 am


Nodes (2+1):
Node Link Count (Required): 2 Prime Nodes.
Standalone Special Nodes (Optional): 1 in the middle at the right side (Mine Node): Gives the controlling team a Leviathan.
Orb Locations: Cores + Mine Node.

Vehicle Availability:

Red + Blue start with 1 Manta, 1 Scorpion, 1 Hellbender & 1 Laser Turret {Free}.
Provided with Core (Player-spawns outside base): 2 Scorpions & 1 Goliath.

Prime Nodes: Both Prime Nodes give 1 Manta, 1 Scorpion and a Laser Turret {Locked}.
Mine Node: 1 Hellbender. After Countdown: 1 Leviathan.

2x Berserk [Each close to Spawns outside base, on the edge of the bridge on higher ground];
2x Damage Amplifier [Each one between the Core/Prime Node, close to spawnplace]

2x Armor Vest [1 right to each Prime Node, following the river]
10x Health Pack [2 close to each Prime Node, 2 above and below Mine Node under bridge, 2 at Mine Node (Orb Factory at higher ground)]
2x Big Keg O' Health [Each 1 between Mine Node/Core, at the right side of the Map at waterfall]
2x Shieldbelt [Each one very close to Core]

2x Jump Boots [Both between the Prime Nodes, on lower path]
1x Redeemer [Lower path, in middle of both Prime Nodes]

Attacking Core (Default)

-> from within base (Vehicle/on foot).
-> from Prime Node, hitting Core with Leviathan.
-> from the edge of 'brigde' (@ Berserk).
Just note: from the 'bridge' you can only use Direct-Hit Weapons, others won't make it that far.

Extra Method: -> Attack Core from below (Get on Turret-mountain and go behind Core, jump down). Just note: If you jump down, you fall and get stuck.
If Prime Node gets destroyed/captured by enemy, you have to kill yourself (Suicide Command, ammo may be gone already and you can't always hit yourself).
If your Core is under attack but you see no enemy Players anywhere in base, they may be under it!
Also: By shooting up behind the Core, enemies can see the projectiles/lasers appearing behind it.

[image (fire behind Core)]

Player + Vehicle Spots!

P: Defence Position on foot with AVRiL. Overview of Map, watching Vehicles incoming.


Serenity Tricks:
* A nice trick is knowing how the Leviathan-spawning system works with a Countdown Node.
Follow the link to learn how you can prevent enemies from getting that Vehicle, even though the Countdown is already over;
* In case enemies already have a Leviathan, get a Manta, upgrade it with the Damage Amplifier & Berserk (found close to eachother) and hit the Leviathan from distance. If there is no AVRiL protection, it is destroyed fast.
* It's hard for the Redeemer to find its way through the forest. Close to trees you could hit invisible 'shields', causing an explosion.
Better uses would be: killing strong Vehicles/Titans or destroy a Node. If you get the Redeemer, you could jump over the rocks close to Jump Boots, there's an edge at the back you could crouch on.
Shoot the Redeemer kinda away from Map, let it fly next to the rocks at a low level. At the waterfall you can turn to the Map and go for the higher Prime Node (See Image 1 below).
To attack the Core with it, just take it close to there and fire it!
* The Dead Trees objects are half real, the other half is fake. If you get above that real half, you'll stand on a platform. The tree works as shield, protecting from any Direct Hit (as long as you're IN the tree).
Each Prime Node has a Dead tree that you can enter using Jump Boots. Attacking Prime Node is possible. It's a funfact, but even I don't use this one online myself (See Images 2 + 3 below).
* Close to each of the Prime Nodes is an invisible platform when you jump down to 'die'. Using Jump Boots (or Manta if you flew down) you should be able to get out (See Image 4 below). It's just for emergency, to escape enemies when you don't want to die (having Redeemer for example).

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Serenity (Map)
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