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 SpiderMine Trap

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BerichtOnderwerp: SpiderMine Trap   di 19 apr 2016, 11:12 pm

SpiderMine Trap

- This trap is available as pickup (default Maps: Confrontation);
- This trap can be placed by a NightShade;
- This trap can be placed by a StealthBender.

Respawn Time:
Very short, but only AFTER the actual trap disappeared from game.
As pickup, the spidermine trap won't just respawn after it is picked up by a player. As long as it exists in the game, it won't spawn.
If a player that got it into hands dies and no one picks up the dropped (not deployed!) trap, then it'll respawn shortly after it disappears.
But if a player keeps it into hands for 7 minutes and then deploys it (active for living mine duration), then it won't spawn during all that time.
For Vehicles it's the same: After the trap gets destroyed, it's almost immediately available again.

Releases max 15 spider bots that crawl and hop after nearby enemy players/Vehicles. Once they hit, they'll explode.

After deployment, the Trap remains on its place for 2:30 minutes (150 sec), or 15 Spiders.
If all spiders have exploded before those 2:30 minutes are over, the mine disappears sooner.

From almost 2 Goliaths length spiders pop out to attack.
They keep following enemies all over the Map, untill they're hit or the distance between them is too far (same as spider-activation-distance).
At that moment spiders will hold (stop movement, enemies can hear the sound stop) and after a moment return to the trap.
Friendly players can also use the AVRiL's secondary aim function to guide the spiders further than the default range without an enemy in range.
Using this, a maximum of 8 spiders at once will follow the line. This is extremely effective for awaiting Titans, which need 9 spiders to be killed (full HP, even slightly upgraded with Armor).

By default a spider does 95 damage, so 2 spiders are needed to kill a player with full HP (even with low Armor)
When on-foot players get killed by a spider, a spider jumps onto the screen and drills in.
Amount on Vehicle? Still needs to be tested...

You can't outrun the spiders. When just running away, spiders will slightly catch up and damage players.
When using dodges while running, you can keep your distance, but won't get away from them (same speed, if nothing blocks you).
On a HoverBoard you are way faster than the spiders.
Titans that get a spider after them can't escape them by just running away. Either change floor level, destroy the spider on distance or get hit!

Spiders can be destroyed by shooting them with any Weapon or indirectly within explosion range (splash damage).
* If enemy mines are placed in your area, the best and fastest way to get rid of the mines is to get to the mine and shoot all spiders instead of running from them.
Get your Link Gun (or whatever Weapon you want), approach the mine till spiders get out.
Hold position, spiders get to you in a straight line (like magnet), then use Laser (secondary fire) shortly to kill each spider after another.
* If the trap is placed close to a higher floor, get to that, wait for a group to gather below you and just use 1 shot to kill them all.
If all spiders are down, the trap disappears. If done fast, the trapmaker can't even get 1 kill out of it!
* If the Spidermine is placed in enemy area where enemies still spawn or visit fast, then killing the mine as mentioned above is hard.

Like any mine-pickup, if you get it into hands, you have to deploy it first (using fire-button) before you can use any other [Weapon] again.
Dropping the mine isn't allowed in close range of other mines. This applies in all directions: A circle around it, but also on floors above/below in the same range.

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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SpiderMine Trap
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