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 Extra Info about vehicles

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BerichtOnderwerp: Extra Info about vehicles   di 16 jul 2013, 1:49 am

Extra Vehicle Info
This part covers the following: Leaving a Vehicle, Seat Switching, Spawning Info, Stealing Vehicles.

Leaving a Vehicle:

Maybe you noticed that when you enter a Vehicle your sight is always focused right in front of it.
If you leave it, you aren't pushed out on a random side.
The side you look, left or right, determines where the player gets kicked out. This is important when a Vehicle gets stuck and you need a specific side to get out,
otherwise the Vehicle blocks the way, or you can hide behind the (wreck of the) Vehicle if you get out while under attack.
Just need to test if the view determines the way out, or the vehicle part does (for slow turning vehicles!).

Seat Switching:

Some Vehicles have more than 1 Seat. If your Weapon Keys (1-9) are still default, then you can change Seats according to these numbers.
If the driver changes to Seat 2, the Vehicle still can't be hijacked by an enemy. However, teammates can enter it and take away your driveseat.
If bots are in a Vehicle, you're able to take in any Seat of a bot. You can't force Seats in a Vehicle if players are in it.

Spawning Info:

Default spawned Vehicles can be damaged, even while they're still spawning. If a player or Vehicle (friendly/enemy) is in the way, the Vehicle can't spawn.
Each Vehicle spawned exist just once at a time in the game. This means, when an enemy steals it, it won't spawn again. If you capture a Node that would give you a Vehicle
and the enemy/teammate has it (or it exist in game without a player in it), then it won't spawn at the Node.
An exception to this is the Leviathan; When it spawns using a Special Node and the Node stays active, if enemies capture it while the Leviathan is empty
or it has no main driver (just turret users), then it disappears and all turret users just die..
After a Vehicle get's destroyed, it needs the normal spawning time to reappear at the original spawnpoint.

Stealing Vehicles:

In Unreal the enemy Vehicles are locked by default. After they spawn, they can only be used by enemy players.
However, if an enemy player uses one and gets out, you can enter that Vehicle (except Leviathan). This will give you a Hijack award.
Players can get out themselves to heal it. When you hear a Link Gun's secondary fire, you can check out if someone is healing his own ride.
In that case you can steal it. If you Link an enemy Vehicle, you can never destroy it, unless the driver stays in it and dies.
If he decides to leave, the Vehicle changes to your teamcolor and you can get it. Note that the Vehicle is almost dead, so the enemy can kill it fast.
Another one often used is to put a Shaped Charge Det Pack on a Goliath. When the driver sees that, he shall try to leave before it explodes.
If you go in yourself, you're blown up by your own Shaped Charge Det Pack. Let another teammate steal it if possible OR link it on time and move away, after explosion run for it!
> Use an EMP mine to disable a vehicle and kill the driver or let that player get away. The vehicle is unlocked after 20 seconds and it can be yours.

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Extra Info about vehicles
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