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 Titan Info and Tricks!

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BerichtOnderwerp: Titan Info and Tricks!   di 16 jul 2013, 1:36 am


Player has 100 hp, which is expandable with shields and health vials.
        + Players can interact with everything (Abilities, Game objectives, PowerUps and Vehicles).
        + Players can have all weapons.
Titan has 400 hp + 400 shield, not expandable (however, if you had shields on {Armor Vest/Thigh Pads, Helmet} they will count!) [15 ft. tall]
      + Titans only have Rocket Launcher (Auto-aim) and rapid fire Shock Rifle. (Both Ammo regeneration)
      + Titans have the Berserk and Damage Amplifier (infinite), which gives them Juggernaut.
      + Titans have the ability to Smash (Ground Pound Melee). This can kill close enemies and eject them from Manta's/Vipers.
      + When Titans die, they will explode!
      - Titans can't interact with anything, many Abilities are lost.
Behemoth has 800 hp + 800 shield, not expandable. [30 ft. tall]
              + Behemoths only have Rocket Launcher (Auto-aim) and rapid fire Shock Rifle. (Both Ammo regeneration)
              + Behemoths have the Berserk and Damage Amplifier (infinite), which gives them Juggernaut.  
              + Behemoths also have the ability to Smash (Ground Pound Melee, 2x the Titan range). This can kill more distant enemies and eject them from Manta's/Vipers.
              + When Behemoths die, they will explode! (2x Titan explode range)
               - Behemoths can't interact with anything.
               - After becoming a Behemoth you will live 30/45 seconds and then blow yourself up.


How to become a Titan
- Players need to get 20 points in the Titan meter. When they do, a flashing icon with the key to press will appear.
NOTE: You can only become Titan when the space around you allows you to do so.
- Ways of Earning Titan points (Warfare Mode):

Titan kill: +7 points.
Leviathan kill: +5 points.
DarkWalker/Goliath: +2 points.
Player kill: +1 point.
 First Blood: +1 point.
 Part of a multi kill (any level): +1 point.
 Part of a killing spree (any level): +1 point.
 Returning Orb: +2 points.
 Capture Node with Orb: +2 points.
 Destroying a Node: +2 points.*
 Constructing a Node: +2 points.

FREE Points: Getting points from other players that use transformations;
 0,2x(20-players current points): 1 to 4 points.

* Destroying a Node means disconnecting it, even if it just needs one shot. You don't have to kill it completely, the last shot is enough.
So in theory, when an enemy tries to restore it's Node and you keep killing it the second after it appears, you get a lot of +2 without killing any complete Node!

If you're wearing any of the basic Armor mentioned above as a player, they will count when you become a Titan.
If 2 full Titans fight eachother and they both fire the same amount of rockets to kill eachother, one stays alive with HP equal to the points of shield it had extra above 400.
This means that even if you have +1 armor (401) as a Titan, you have 1 Rocket advantage vs another full Titan!
You will also live longer as a Titan, because people need to shoot more shield points.

How to kill Titans
Titans have 400 hp + 400 shield, so shooting may take a while.
Best ways of killing them beside shooting with your guns:
+ Just Use a Redeemer.
+ Use Vehicles: Scavenger's blades is instant kill.
Manta's and other vehicles can pancake them and can drive them against walls, but you won't get ASSASSIN-award or Titan points.
Goliaths and DarkWalkers can kill them easily if they 'don't fight back'.
+ If Titans are 'camping', try to sneek onto them and leave a Shaped Charge Det Pack under their feet, instant kill!

How to dodge Attacks
There are but a few Attacks: Aimed Rocket, Shock Rifle 1st, 2nd, combo and the Ground Pound Melee Attack.
Rockets: they are almost instantly locked on players and vehicles, but they don't fly fast and can't make huge turn angles.
That means, if rockets come in, you need to turn sideways from the rockets. As long as you won't get stuck, the rockets won't hit you.
Shock Rifle: This is the same as for normal players, NO specific method (just hope it won't hit you).
Ground Pound Melee Attack: When close to a Titan that uses this, go on your HoverBoard before impact to 'dodge' this attack.
When in vulnerable vehicles: try to go/stay away when a titan uses this attack.


How to become a Behemoth

How to kill smash-dodging Players
- As players can hover-dodge the Smash of the Titans, it can be quite frustrating killing close enemies.
But after some simple tests, we found out that if you use smash while taunting, it will hide your smash move.
Now, that's still not enough, as you see some effect through your taunt and you also hear the growl before smash.
So one last thing: if you smash while taunting, you don't have to wait till your smash is over.
While you smash, you can still look around and shoot at the same time!
So use the combo: Taunt+Smash+Shoot when you really have to.

How to kill other Titans
Rockets are the most powerful and locks target, but they can't make big turns.
The hits are easy to remember, so if you have to fight another Titan | Behemoth, just count to know your chance:
Rockets: 88 damage = 5 hits | 10 hits;
Shock Cores: 44 damage = 10 hits | 19 hits;
Shock Laser: 31 damage = 13 hits | 26 hits.
Smash? -> ...?

Titan VS Node/Core:

> A Titan can blow a full Core with his Rocket Launcher only. ! > Just note that enemy players/vehicles will attract the aim of the rockets.
> Shock Cores only aren't just enough to kill a full Core completely. It will leave with 2 hp left! (if you could use 50 shock cores)
> Shock lasers do less damage, but are good for long distance attack with precise and direct hits. You need a lot of shots to kill Core though...
Rockets: 28/30 [3,6 damage/rocket]
Shock Cores: 52/50* [1,9 damage/shock core]
Shock lasers: 81/50* [1,2 damage/laser]
* 50 ammo is in case you become Titan. If you already used shock cores, it regenerates below 30 to 30 max.
Ammo Regeneration takes place when you don't shoot for 5 seconds.

Explosion (against core): [9 damage] | medium range (little distance to shoot): [4 damage]

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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Titan Info and Tricks!
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