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 EMP Mine (Trap)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: EMP Mine (Trap)   wo 20 apr 2016, 8:15 am

EMP Mine (ElectroMagnetic Pulse Mine)

- This trap is available as pickup (default Maps: Confrontation);
- This trap can be placed by a NightShade;

Respawn Time:
Very short, but only AFTER the actual mine disappeared from game.
As pickup, the EMP Mine won't just respawn after it is picked up by a player. As long as it exists in the game, it won't spawn.
If a player that got it into hands dies and no one picks up the dropped (not deployed!) mine, then it'll respawn shortly after it disappears.
But if a player keeps it into hands for 7 minutes and then deploys it (active for living mine duration), then it won't spawn during all that time.
For Vehicles it's the same: After the lifetime of the mine is over, it's almost immediately available again.

This mine is used to disable nearby enemy Vehicles. This also includes the {HoverBoard}.
When in range, players fall from their {HoverBoards} or are ejected from their Vehicle and it gets locked for 20 seconds. After that time it unlocks, but if the EMP is still there, it'll lock again if entered.
Only exception is a {Hijack}, as the EMP mine doesn't affect ally Vehicles.

The Mine has a lifetime of 1 full minute after it's been deployed.
This is the shortest mine-lifetime, so if players want to lock Vehicles at a certain place, the mine needs to be replaced regularly.

To give an idea: A bit more than 1 {Goliath} length. You can jump over the Mine with a {Manta}, so it's not very high too.

Where the SpiderMine can be destroyed faster by killing all spiders, or the {Stasis Field} by putting players/{vehicles}/{objectives} in them,
or the {Energy Shield} by doing 4000 damage, there's no way to destroy this mine (faster).
But with the duration of 1 minute, it won't be that hard to just wait if there's no alternative route.

Like any mine-pickup, if you get it into hands, you have to deploy it first (using fire-button) before you can use any other {Weapon} again.
Dropping the mine isn't allowed in close range of other mines. This applies in all directions: A circle around it, but also on floors above/below in the same range.

"Working together is more important than being a good player."
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EMP Mine (Trap)
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