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 Leviathan (Axon)

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Registratiedatum : 10-04-13

BerichtOnderwerp: Leviathan (Axon)   zo 14 apr 2013, 9:11 pm


Health: 6500
Respawn time: 60 sec.
Speed: 31 MpH
Movement: This big Vehicle can't make small turns and can get stuck when trying to go down from higher level ground.
Riding backward can be as fast as forward.
Extra: If you are close to the Leviathan and it gets destroyed, you can be killed by the heavy explosion. So leave on time if you're in it!
* When in Turrets, you can be killed instantly by Snipers, even with Turret shield on! Turrets can be destroyed seperately from the Vehicle.
* The leviathan is able to destroy any vehicle in front of it by driving against it, it even kills a Goliath instantly!
This feature also allows you to to deny [color=cyan]Scorpions[color] that use a selfdestruct on the front, while the Leviathan is moving forward.
* 3 Redeemers with a full hit are almost enough to kill the full Vehicle.
This would only be recommended in Confrontation to get rid of it quite fast, if there's no other goal for the Redeemer at that time.
* The Leviathan can't be locked with an EMP mine and can't be stolen if everyone left the vehicle.
* When the driverturret is in range of a XRay Field, all drivers in the vehicle receive damage and get killed if the vehicle doesn't move out, even turrets outside the field!

Seat 1 of 5 {Driver};
Primary Mode: Shot [50 damage per shot]
Secondary Mode: Zoom
Additional Mode (Jump): Ion Cannon [2000 damage]
Wheels need to be stable to use this Mode. Switching to and from this mode takes transformation time, but in the meantime you can use turrets.
Note that you can abort the transformation TO the Ion Cannon by pressing Jump Key again. Transforming the other way around (from Ion Cannon to drive mode) can't be aborted.
When you shoot the Ion Cannon and you leave the Vehicle before it actually hits, then it's "disabled". You need to be in the Leviathan to use the Ion explosions.
When you shoot the Ion Cannon on long distance, there is recoil. These shots are randomly generated.

Seat 2 of 5 {Beam Turret};
Health: 800
Primary Mode: Beam [35 damage per hit on players/70 on Vehicles]
Secondary Mode: Shield

Seat 3 of 5 {Rocket Turret};
Health: 800
Primary Mode: Rockets [3x120 damage]
Secondary Mode: Shield
Extra: There is a short break between each shot.

Seat 4 of 5 {Stinger Laser Turret};
Health: 800
Primary Mode: Stinger [20 damage per hit]
Secondary Mode: Shield
Extra: On long distance this turret has a lot of recoil. Use turret 2 instead to hit target instantly.

Seat 5 of 5 {Core Turret};
Health: 800
Primary Mode: Core [30 damage per Core]
Secondary Mode: Shield
Extra: This is super effective on players, it hits them even when you shoot above or next to players (when players walk within explosion range, the Cores auto-explode).

Preventing the enemy from getting the Leviathan:
Applies to Maps where a Countdown Node gives Leviathan to a team, Node keeps existing. (E.g. Serenity)
If you or a Vehicle blocks the spawnplace of Leviathan, it won't spawn so enemies can't use the Vehicle.
When you leave the spot or the placed Vehicle is destroyed, the Leviathan spawns after all. To deny it, you have to capture back the Node.
Remember: When you capture the Node and the enemy Leviathan is still waiting for spawn, then it will spawn even if you should have your own.
But if the enemy Leviathan already spawned and you capture the Node, it will disappear.
So make sure the enemy Leviathan spawns just before you capture the Node!

Important Notice:

Leviathan 'BUG' Discovered!!! It only happens in maps where the Leviathan spawns after a Countdown Node.
When you are in Leviathan turret and no one is in the Leviathan itself when the Node is captured (Orb or filling) it is destroyed instantly.
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Leviathan (Axon)
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